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Whether you are planning to build a new home or property, or just want to remodel your current one, have you considered a different type of staircase inside or outside of it? A different type of staircase may just give a room a unique and classy appearance, and also will be helpful in getting to rooms upstairs that you visit more frequently. We are one such Melbourne staircase builders who can help you in giving your home a stylish look.

Another perspective maybe if you own a rental house with tenants living on the second floor. And you would just like to go straight to your bedroom when you get home, or you just want a fancy type of entry into your home. These are just a few good reasons for why installing an outdoor staircase may be a great idea. When installing a staircase in your home or outdoors, it is more about function and purpose than anything else. But you also want to be sure that it gives a classy and nice look to your home as well, of course. For fulfilling this purpose best stairs will be a great choice among staircase builders in Melbourne.

Here we have listed all the kinds of stairs that you can consider for your home:

Straight stairs:

Stair design in Melbourne can be as basic as it gets with straight stairs. They are the most common types of staircases in both residential and commercial buildings. This type of stairs are the easiest to climb, and also the easiest to build, depending on the degree of details in the design specified. We are one such staircase builders in Melbourne who have completed many projects of straight stairs with excellent success. The straight stairs do not require much to connect the top floor with the bottom floor. Even it is fairly simple to add railings to these stairs. However, these types of stairs occupy a good amount of linear space, which needs to be in consideration in your design phase as well. Among Melbourne staircase builders, Best Stairs are on the top for their designs, service, and after-completion care. This type of stairs also allows us to see what is going on from the opposite floor quite clearly.

L-Shaped stairs

The L-shaped staircases have a landing in the center that creates a 90-degree turn-up or down the stairs, making people change their direction when climbing them. Many homeowners prefer L-shape stairs as they are visually appealing. They also provide a barrier to your vision so that you do not see what is going on from the upper or lower floor. The landing in the middle provides sufficient space for tiresome people to stop and rest when climbing them. These types of stairs are also a great fit for the corners of a room so that you can maximize the space in the middle of it. L-shaped stairs require more effort and resources to make than straight-type stairs. Even the railings likely have to be customized to go with this type of staircase. Including these stairs, in your house, you must also consider what needs to be done to safely move large furniture’s up and down using them.

Spiral stairs

Spiral staircases are often mistaken for stairs that curve, yet they assume the shape of a spring or coil. This type of stairs are normally very compact in size and the treads are connected to a pole in the middle. This central pole is a stable structure for support. If you want a spacious home with a staircase then this will be a great option. Spiral staircases are as complex as stair design in Melbourne can get at the moment. However, we all know that spiral staircases are always harder to navigate than any other type of staircase. Walking capacity enhances as you walk along the outer diameter, so people who have difficulty walking around tight spaces prefer a larger spiral staircase. It is very difficult to carry large objects up and down these types of staircases, and also at a time, only one person can use these stairs in one direction. If you are thinking to install a spiral staircase in your house, then they will be a great option to add architectural details to a backyard, deck, or patio. Spiral staircases not only take up less space than any regular staircase, but they are also easy to climb. It is a good idea to install a regular straight staircase outside your home, but they only look great if done right.

Curved stairs

Curved stairs not only look elegant inside the home but also outside. Unlike spiral staircases, they are slightly curved, making the purpose of them look similar to the L-shaped stairs. These staircases are traditional-looking stairs that are also rather versatile, and also are a great fit for any style home. The larger the stairs of a staircase are, the easier they are to climb. Curved staircases are the most difficult to build, because of the technology required to make these curved steps and also the shape of your home that determines where such steps can go. For this reason, curved staircases are the most expensive to make and install. Many staircase builders in Melbourne don’t provide this service. But we come among those few Melbourne staircase builders who are efficient in providing all the above designs of stairs to our customers.

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